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In an apocalyptic world was a group of survivors who were only trying to survive. Azalea Hunt was an 19 year old werewolf girl who was kidnapped at a young age to be experimented on by the same scientist who started it all. He injected the girl with a blue liquid that was said to turn her into a bio-weapon, but he got mad when it failed. That was what he thought until the whole world went to hell. Her body was stuck in a tube of red liquid as she slept her years away, only reacting when the first zombie was created. Soon enough, more creatures were created. Three years after the apocalypse started, the scientist who experimented on her as well as all the other humans in the lab had died when the creatures of night came. Then she met Blake Kisaki when he saved her from the same creature that murdered every scientist in the building. Follow Azalea as she falls in love with the alpha of the survivor pack while trying to find the cure and figure out how to stop the apocalypse.

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Azalea Hunt is one of the main characters in Mad World, an original story on Quotev by Lulu Riverlynn. She was one of the few survivors in the apocalyptic world, being a test subject before this. Due to her being injected with a weird liquid, she was known as an immune to the zombies and air. The day she escaped her tube was the day she met Blake Kisaki who had saved her from a nightcrawler. Knowing that most of the guys in her new group would freak if they found out she was immuned, she hid it.

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